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Hiya gorgeous ! 

My name is Lucy Watts. I am a writer living in Perth, Australia. I am mumma bear to three, Lacey, Rory & Lola, all are close in age, as I had 3 under 3 . I am also step mom to one little lady, kailey. I am a wifey. I am a autism activist. 

Rory has autism, gdd and is currently non verbal.

He was diagnosed a few months before turning 3 years old.

I do real life, I can't keep up with the Kardashian, as much as i would love to!

I want to educate people about autism

Autism, awwwtismm, autunisssmm - my youngest pronouncing. So cute.

I love to hear from my followers so please don't hesitate to share your journey will me too.

I also write about whatever else i feel inspired to write about, so i can be a random roller.

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